TRAC Oil and Gas North of SCotland Championships

TRAC Oil and Gas North of Scotland Championships

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Final Match Report:

[2] Ben Coleman (Eng) bt [3] Declan James (Eng) 3-1

The first game was littered with lets, the referees seemingly unwilling to penalise players for standing on the ball. Some excellent retrieval from Ben saw him take the lead 7-4, but as Ben increasingly got frustrated with the number of lets being called he let Declan creep back to 8-8 and then 2 controversial decisions later Dec had the game 11-8.

FinalIn the second game Ben seemed to have decided to not get involved with the referee and instead try and play to his strengths. He managed to get himself in front more of the time, playing much steadier length, sometimes slowing the game down to try and avoid the game getting messy in the middle. This strategy seemed to work as he went 4-1 up, then finally a no-let from the referees against Dec!! Dec clearly frustrated by this put two easy balls into the tin. This game Ben seven match balls – converting on the third – game to Ben 11/5.

PSA CHA 5 Land

The third game was a much better display of free flowing squash – far fewer lets, which was much more pleasing for the crowd. The game had entreating front court play, nicks, and some impressive retrieval from both players. However Ben took an early lead in this game again going 6-2 up, however once again the referees were increasingly needed towards the middle part of the game as it got increasingly scrappy. A crowd source said “I don’t think they have quite got this 3 man referee system sussed”. Thanks to a couple of lucky nicks and a tin from Dec’s racket Ben manages to edge the second game 11-9.

At the start of the fourth game it was clear that Ben wanted to win in 4 – the boy certainly was retrieving well, lunging all over the court. This constant retrieval, making Dec play one more ball ultimately led to a flurry or errors from Dec’s racket, allowing Ben to once again get ahead at the start of the game leading 5-2. This time Ben didn’t allow Dec to get back into the game pushing right through to 10-4 with some gutsy retrieval and some much more controlled length and front court play. A big rally with some intense volleying, Ben plays a drop into the front forehand, Dec just reaches it and tries to push straight – stroke to Ben and game 11-4. Ben wins 3-1 8/11 11/5 11/9 11/4.

Full details including main PSA Draw and Graded Events is available here.


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XcourtWelcome to Aberdeen Squash & Racketball Club (ASRC), the home of squash and racketball in the city of Aberdeen. We have an exceptional facility, boasting 7 squash courts, and extensive bar and function suite facility as well as a small gym.

The club has monthly internal mini leagues for both squash and racketball, as well as a variety of competitions for members throughout the season. In the off season, the club also hosts internal fun leagues.

For those who take their Barsquash more seriously, ASRC has 15 teams that play in the Regional Grampian Open Leagues, Ladies Leagues, and also have 2 Men's and 1 Ladies' Team competing in the Scottish National League.

The Car Park and Entrance is situated in the west end of Aberdeen, just off Great Western Road, and can be accessed via Morningside Lane, where there is ample parking for all visitors.

In addition to the above, ASRC also provide a home for Aberdeen Sports and Spinal Injury Clinic, who provide pysiotherapy services at a discounted rate to all members.


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