Club Committee

ASRC is managed by a group of un-paid volunteers, all of whom are members of the club and receive NO personal gain from sitting on the committee. They are there to run the club for the members, to the best of their ability, and to insure that the club is financially viable.

The club will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse to any member of staff, or committee member. Any perperator of such actions will immediately be banned from the club and no refund of any fees will be given.

The current committee is listed below.

If you wish to contact the committee, please feel free to email us with your comments / suggestions.

Position                    Name 
Captain                    Fred White
Secretary                 Eric Duguid
Treasurer                 Helen Mackie
Member                   George Tierney
Member                   Steve Bannerman
Member                   Paul Charlton (Grampian Squash Liaison)






Club Sponsors & Supporters