The club has made every endeavour to make the facilities in the club as safe as possible for all. We have provided sanitation points around the club, enforce social distancing with multiple signage around the club to assist. However with this we still require the members to abide by the rules. This includes wearing masks when entering the club and only removing these while on court or sitting at a table in the lounge. This ensures the club is safer for you and all other members. We will not hesitate to give written warnings or even ban persistent offenders.

Any persons who have received a positive Covid-19 test must refrain from entering the club for 14 days after the receipt of any positive test.


Who can I play ?

In simple format you can play as follows: 

1) If you live as a family in one household, you can play someone in that household.This does not include (MO) Multiple occupancy buildings. 

2) If you live by yourself, you can play anyone in the same situation or one person from a household family. You can not change to another family member or another household.

3) If you live in a family household, you can play someone who lives by themselves, but not someone from another family household.

4) Should you wish at any point to change your playing partner you must refrain from playing for 14 days minimum, then resume as above. 

These are the guidelines drawn up by the Government, Scottish Squash and Sports Scotland as of 16th March 2021.


LATEST UPDATE 30/03/2021

COVID-19 Working Group update

Following the Scottish Government’s announcement on 16th March, confirming more details of the timetable for the easing of restrictions in Scotland, we hope you are all as excited as we are to be heading ever closer to the long awaited return to the squash court.

Our sport having a potential return date to work towards is unquestionably good news. However, public health and suppressing the spread of the virus must remain a priority for us all, as such we will continue to ensure that the wellbeing and safety of everyone in the squash community is paramount.

As we look ahead to a gradual easing of restrictions, we want to share what we know to date about the Scottish Government’s route out of lockdown and what this means for squash. Please see the following for the latest roadmap for squash as we understand it.