Update 16th July 2021


The club has made every endeavour to make the facilities in the club as safe as possible for all. We have provided sanitation points around the club, enforce social distancing with multiple signage around the club to assist. However with this we still require the members to abide by the rules. This includes wearing masks when entering the club and only removing these while on court or sitting at a table in the lounge. This ensures the club is safer for you and all other members. We will not hesitate to give written warnings or even ban persistent offenders.

Any persons who have received a positive Covid test must refrain from entering the club for a minimum of 10 days after the receipt of any positive test, or the date in which you came in contact with the known person concerned.

Anyone deemed to be knowing entering the club, or playing, having not declared a positive test to the club, or not having isolated, will be immediately banned from the club for a period of 30 days.


Who can I play ? (As of Monday 19th July 2021)



3.2.3 Spectators are permitted under the following circumstances: Where supervising a child and/or vulnerable person. Where a competition or event is organised and takes place at premises
whose entrances and exits are controlled (indoors and outdoors) for the
purpose of crowd and capacity management in line with Scottish
Government (COVID-19): events sector guidance and (COVID-19):
calculating physical distancing capacity in public settings.



The latest guidelines in full:-


COVID-19 Working Group update – A welcome return for all squash in Scotland