Mini-League Information


Links to mini-leagues:

Link to guidance on arranging matches - CLICK HERE


  • Any member can play in the mini-leagues. The mini-leagues will run over each month of the year. During this time, the players in each mini-league contact each other and arrange to play their match.
  • The mini-leagues work on a graded format, which means that you play against players of your own standard; so if an experienced player joined they would enter higher up than a beginner, who would enter at the bottom.
  • Because the mini-leagues are self-driven, it is completely up to the players in each mini-league to contact each other. Each player entering the mini-leagues must understand that they must make an effort to contact the other players. If everyone does this, the mini-leagues will be successful.


Points System

Simply enter the final match score into the system. You do not need to put the score for each game. Should you have a walkover or default, then simply enter a 3-0 victory but make sure you click on Match Defaulted. Your score will then have a D next to it.


Scoring Each Match

  • Matches will be best of 5 games;
  • Games are played up to 15 points using PAR (point-a-rally or American as it is otherwise known), at 14-14 a player must win by 2 clear points to win that game.
  • [UPDATE 01/09/23] If both opponents agree, games can be played up to 11 points to align with grampian division 1 and tournament scoring. The default is up to 15 points.
  • The Dunlop XX Revolution (double yellow) will be used unless both players agree on an alternative.


Promotion and Relegation

  • The player scoring the most amount of points will be promoted 2 leagues;
  • The player scoring the next most amount of points will be promoted 1 league;
  • The player scoring the next most amount of points will stay in that league
  • The player scoring the next most amount of points will be relegated 1 league;
  • The player scoring the least amount of points will be relegated 2 leagues;
  • In the event of two players being tied on points head-to-head will take precedent.
  • All of the above is subject to new players entering into, and existing players exiting, the mini-leagues.


Organising Matches

  • The onus is on you the player to organise matches.
  • When contacting one of the players in your mini-league, you are obliged to offer them three reasonable dates on which to play the match. They must accept one of the dates or they forfeit the match, with the score recorded as ‘W’ points to ‘0’. Exceptions to this are if someone is on holiday and unable to play, or injured, in which case they should withdraw from the mini-leagues and challenge in when fit.


Unhappy With Your Position?

  • You are more than welcome to challenge a person ahead of you if you feel you are of better standard than those currently around you. Challenge a player and email the club on [email protected]
  • Alternatively, if you feel you are currently at a position “out of your league” so to speak, then similarly, get in touch with the Club on the same email address above.


Joining the Mini-Leagues

  • New players will only be entered into the mini-leagues at the beginning of the next 4-week period. If you would like to be assessed on your playing standard then please email [email protected]
  • To be entered into the next mini-leagues already knowing your rough standard then include information on your rough level on your email to the club.